Late last month comedian Jimmy Kimmel found himself in the crosshairs of rapper Kanye West after the late night talk show host spoofed an interview that Yeezus did with the BBC. Kanye called Kimmel to complain but then went on a now infamous Twitter rant for the perceived disrespect.

Kimmel responded on his show the next day using Kanye’s tweets to poke even more fun at him, including a shot at his baby mama Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Kanye lashed out again on Twitter saying that Kimmel went too far with the “low blow” but later deleted the Tweets.

The interview was filled with Kanye’s trademark passion being derailed in parts by said passion and flickers of white foam in the corner of his mouth and covered everything from the original beef to Kanye’s fashion obsession. The mood was conciliatory as Kanye admitted to not watching the full spoof and Kimmel admitted that he hadn’t watched the full BBC interview before reacting. “We took it back to high school for a minute,” Kanye said seeming to shrug it off.

Kimmel even presented Yeezy with a pint-sized pair of leather jogging pants and Kanye even revealed that he stood up to drug dealers in Chicago that tried to shake him down for his music publishing.