Kanye West’s interview with BBC’s Zane Low finds him flaunting his new “regionally non-distinct” dialect again as he opines about the continued influence of rappers on pop culture.

Making the rounds for his “Yeezus” album the new father was passionate and introspective in his commentary on Michael Jackson, Pusha T, water bottle design, fashion and such, but sounds like he’s almost punking us the entire time. He makes two references to “speaking with today’s textures” in the first three minutes all the while speaking with the textures of a Viagra salesman at a Monastery; respectful audacity.

“Now the rappers are the new R&B niggas,” he says. “Rappers are the new radio. Rap is the new Rock-N-Roll. We the real rockstars and I’m the biggest of all of them.”

Watch the first half below:

Source: theurbandaily.com