On-Air Name: Martini Rox

Show: Night Moves

Time: Monday – Thursday 11:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Hometown: Ypsilanti, Michigan

Education: University of Toledo Graduate

What Or Who Is Your Favorite Musical Influence: Gospel was my first musical influence

What Is Your Most Memorable Event: Glass City Expo’s (All of ‘em)

What Song Is Your Favorite Party Starter: Every year it changes

What Was Your Craziest Event Ever: March Madness Triple Threat Birthday Bash

The Song You Thought You Would Never Play: Justin Bieber – ‘Boyfriend’

Your Most Embarrassing DJ Moment: Any time there is “dead air” meaning nothings playing on air during my show.

What Is Your Favorite Place To DJ: Home! It’s my party & I can play whatever I want.

What Is The Biggest Event You Have Ever Done: Glass City Expo

Who Has Been The Most Famous Person At One Of Your Events: The Juice Family ;)

If You Were A Cartoon Character Who Would You Be: Storm. She’s a BOSS

Do You Have A Radio Or DJ Idol: I grew up on Detroit radio from Mojo to Mason, they were all legends to me

What Is Your Personal Favorite Song: I have a lot of favorites in different genres

What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ song? The song you don’t turn up too loud so you aren’t embarrassed that you like it: Born to be Wild… AND I play it loud!

Top 5 MC’s? (IN ORDER): 1. Rakim – 2. Andre 3000 – 3. Nas – 4. Lauryn Hill – 5. Jadakiss

What Do You Do To Relax: Being a Fine Artists at heart gives me multiple outlets for relaxing such as creating & designing jewelry, paint, photography, reading and writing

What Famous Person Do You Resemble: I used to get Halle Berry when I had short hair, Chilli when I was younger with long hair and here recently I get Raven Symone? Go figure.

How Did You Get Started As A DJ: I was hanging with a crew of Detroit artists of various mediums in high school and Hip-Hop(DJing, MCing, Breaking & Graffiti) was what we did on the weekends at parties or in their dorms.

Who Was The First Person To Hire You As A DJ: Baye Perry was the first to take a chance on this radio newbie! Viva La Next Level!!

Other Career Stats: I am a contributing writer for the Toledo Free Press Star, my column ‘On The Rox’ can be read bi-weekly. When I am not on the radio I love to work as a freelance photographer and image consultant/stylist. Painting is one of my favorite past times and I am a silversmith/metalsmith and creating jewelry has been a passion of mine since I started beading as a little girl. Check out my jewelry at Jewelrybymartini.com.

How Do YOU Make The Juice FM 107.3 “The People’s Station”: I love to make my listeners day even if its just playing their favorite song or shouting them out for Birthdays or other special occasions. I come in to work for them! I love my listeners!