Soulja Boy learned a valuable lesson about L.A.’s secret surveillance system recently. Back in January, the rapper’s car was involved in a hit-and-run accident with a motorcyclist which allegedly collided with his Bentley, causing another crash.

The red Bentley mysteriously fled the scene, but the LAPD was able to nab the 22-year-old’s expensive ride months later, thanks to a secret camera system. The biker’s friend — who witnessed the crash — returned to the accident location nosing around for more info about the owner of the luxury vehicle, and learned that Soulja Boy was the owner.

A law enforcement source told TMZ that cops have access to a secret database full of cars snapped on surveillance cameras all throughout the city. The average car is shot a minimum of 1,000 times per day. After running the Bentley’s license plate through the system, cops uncovered several photos of the vehicle with damage linking it to the crash. They tracked down Soulja Boy’s car and impounded it, but are still looking to put all of the pieces together and are asking any witnesses to contact authorities.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy doesn’t seem too held up by his car being taken away. Instead the Atlanta native is back to business, working on a new album and tweeting early this morning that he’s looking for a social media intern.